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Extraordinary Graphics & Printing Pty Ltd is a full In-house Convenient Online Printing Store and Graphics service provider that provides clients with competitive, convenient and innovative solutions for branding and graphics requirements enabling them to optimize their business objectives and build their brands through customized branding. 

The brand  Extraordinary Graphics & Printing was founded by a motivated & success driven entrepreneur in 2017. It started operating as an online freelancing graphic design business. After a huge demand for printing services from the clients we serviced, we then saw a gap in the market and decided to offer printing services. Before printing services were offered, it operated as Extraordinary Graphics then later the name was amended to Extraordinary Graphics & Printing.

We always strive to make every advertising design and marketing services custom tailored to your business. We design, print, deliver all materials with our in-house production services, which provide you with convenience and cost effective solutions for your marketing needs.


  • Striving to be a brand that builds other brands.
  • To provide clients with cost effective and customized branding.
  • To grow different businesses through Branding.


Extraordinary Graphics & Printing Pty Ltd seeks to offer its clients a set of services that effectively manages their image, focusing on quality, convenience and competitive branding. 


We strive to satisfy our clients with superior quality and service. We value; 

  • Speed
  • Promptness
  • Convenience
  • Courteous approach
  • Humility and unquestionable sense of fairness.

Extraordinary Graphics & Printing Pty Ltd strive to make the customization as customer friendly and accurate as possible. There are no stock designs used, and each product is one of a kind.

Vinyl applicators and Graphic designers work together to offer custom solutions to meet any needs expressed by customers in their designs. 

Extraordinary takes pride in its trained employees. Multiple proofs in PDF format are sent to the customer detailing any changes that are made during the process and to confirm the final design before production begins. This ensures that customer expectations are met. 


“We are a Brand that Builds other Brands”

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