Print marketing Vs Digital marketing. Which one is right for me?

Print marketing vs digital marketing. which one is right for me? picture

Print marketing is tried and tested. We know what to expect; it’s authentic and trustworthy. But print marketing also faces accusations of being outdated and expensive. By contrast, digital is fast, accurate and cost-effective. But it’s also impersonal, less memorable and intangible; you don’t want your campaign to get lost in the ephemeral digital clutter of today’s online world.

Print Marketing Continues to Evolve

The myth that print marketing is dead is a pernicious one. In reality, print media has evolved with the help of new technology have transformed print into a powerful medium. Furthermore, advancements in printing methods, such as variable data printing, have seriously lowered printing costs. So if your business rules out print marketing without understanding the nature of modern printing, you’re missing out on valuable opportunities for growth.

Print Marketing Builds Meaningful Connections

The tactile quality of printed media taps into consumer’s ‘haptic memory’ (touch memory), which is proven to be the most lasting form of emotional connection. The aesthetics of print marketing also give it a customized, personal feel, which lend printed media an inimitable trustworthiness. Recent studies have shown that potential customers are far more likely to trust your company when your marketing is presented via high-quality print, such as luxury brochures or thick gsm flyers. Gaining trust is a crucial part of any business.

Moreover, printed materials can be kept. If you design a beautiful flyer, your audience may well keep a hard copy, which they can engage with over and over again. Print marketing thus affords businesses a much higher level of impact than digital marketing can achieve, building more meaningful and long-lasting connections with consumers.

Print Marketing is More Effective On the Ground

Using printed media, such as posters or leaflets, can help you reach your target audience much more easily. For a small business with a local reach, print marketing is super effective, as it creates local brand recognition and guides customers directly to your premises.

Advantages of Digital Marketing 

Wider Reach

Using digital marketing you can not only target a local audience, but an international one too. Furthermore, you can specially tailor your marketing campaign to a specific demographic, allowing you to be more precise with who you target, according to gender, location, age and taste. This means your campaign will be more accurate and more effective.

Diversification Means Audience Choice

Print marketing can be quite singular, whereas digital marketing offers a diverse range of opportunities for consumer engagement. What’s great about digital media is your audience can choose for themselves how they wish to receive and explore your content.

Highly Cost-Effective

Digital marketing is undoubtedly cost-efficient. The cost of online paid ads (on sites like Facebook and Twitter) is rapidly rising due to digital marketing becoming more competitive. However, even with rising prices, the cost is still far cheaper than print marketing. With digital media you can reach millions of people with one advert, whilst algorithms ensure that your campaign reaches the target demographic.

Print marketing vs Digital marketing: So which is better?

The key weakness of print marketing is that, compared to digital, there is very little interaction between the medium and the consumer’s access to the product. It is a great way of providing information to the consumer public that your brand or product exists, but it’s then up to them to go out of their way to find that product and engage with it. Moreover, print marketing can be very costly when compared with digital media, and it has less reach. If you want to reach an international audience, or even a large local one, print media is not very effective. Printing materials can be expensive and you need to hire people to distribute your printed pieces. However, if you opt for digital marketing, you lose a lasting connection with your target audience. When it comes to factors like trustworthiness and memorability, digital just cannot compete with print. A well-designed poster or flyer will create lasting connections and build brand loyalty.

With this in mind, the most effective marketing campaigns combine both print and digital media. In fact, the idea that the two are in competition isn’t the case at all, and leads many businesses to make mistakes. While it’s undoubtedly tempting to see them as enemies, a truly savvy company will see them as allies.

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